Europe Snacks has become what it is today:
an ambitious multinational group by embracing expansion and seeking talented individuals and expertise in the snack food industry.
It has become one of the main players on the European market for private label savoury snack products and the leader in the stacked chips segment. 

The Group is built upon the story of three successful companies in France, England, and Spain.

It started 30 years ago in France, when our company made a name for itself as a key player in the industry, thanks to its me better strategy.

The second success started in the UK in 1984. It underwent a powerful growth period thanks to agility and strong partnerships with Hard Discounters key players.

Finally, the third successful company has been for nearly 20 years the leader in its Spanish market thanks to its reputation for delivering high quality products.

Innovation, agility, quality, entrepreneurship each company has managed to establish itself in its own markets by offering a unique know-how.

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