ESG Policy

At Europe Snacks, we believe we have an impact on our employees well being and our communities, on health and on the planet, through the way we chose to perform our activities.

We believe we can:

PROMOTE a work environment where our employees feel secured, recognized and can grow their talents

PARTNER with our communities to give back part of the value we create

PROVIDE healthier products to the society, in a context where snacking becomes a deep consumption trend everywhere

CONTRIBUTE to reduce our environmental footprint, for the planet and for future generations


In 2019, CyL Ibersnacks S.L, a EUROPE SNACKS company, obtained funding for the development of the “SNACKS4.0” project.

The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional), within Thematic Objective 1, which aims at promoting technological development, innovation and quality research.

Snacks 4.0

Download SNACKS 4.0